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Public Invited to Appeal or Comment on Flood Maps for Liberty and Chambers Counties in Texas

DENTON, Texas– New preliminary flood maps for residents and business owners in Liberty and Chambers counties are now ready for residents to review. Local, state and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials teamed up to produce them.

Residents and business owners are encouraged to view the maps for a better understanding of their flood risks. This understanding will help make informed decisions about building plans. It will also help decide whether to purchase flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program.

FEMA monitors tropical systems along the East Coast and Hawaii

Residents urged to take direction from State, Local, and Tribal officials

WASHINGTON – FEMA, through its regional offices in Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York City, and Oakland, and its Pacific Area Office in Honolulu, continues to closely monitor Tropical Storm Hermine and Hurricane Lester.

FEMA Continues to Closely Monitor Hermine and Lester

FEMA Urges Residents in Potentially Affected Areas to Take Direction from State, Local, and Tribal Officials 

FEMA Closely Monitoring Hurricane Hermine

ATLANTA, Ga. -- FEMA, through its regional office in Atlanta, Georgia, continues to monitor Hurricane Hermine, expected to make landfall in Florida and sweep through parts of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina over the next 48 hours.

Update: Digital Preliminary Flood Maps for St. Johns County Ready for Public Viewing

Update: Due to Tropical Storm Hermine, the public open house at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall scheduled for 4-7 p.m. on Thursday, September 1 is postponed until further notice.

Don't Wait. Prepare for Emergencies Today.

ATLANTA, Ga. -- September is National Preparedness Month and as tropical storm activity increases this week, FEMA encourages residents in the Southeast to make disaster preparedness a priority.

“National Preparedness Month focuses on the need to be ready for disasters and emergencies,” said FEMA Region IV Regional Administrator Gracia Szczech. “September is also the peak of hurricane season, so preparing now is even more critical for families and businesses in the Southeast.”

The Most Important App You Can Download Today

ATLANTA, Ga. -- What’s the most important app you have on your phone—the one you can’t live without? Facebook? YouTube? Snapchat? Google Maps? All of them? What makes any of these apps so important to us is they provide content, connection, and capability. Some apps are fun, some are useful, and some help us get things done.


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