5th Annual Hazus Conference-Flood Model

Aug 11, 2011

Download 5th Annual Hazus Conference-Flood Model

The Flood Model
With the continued rise of Risk MAP technologies the Hazus Flood Model has evolved to a premier mitigation tool for communities completing their hazard mitigation plans. The products being developed as part of the process are allowing communities to create safer environments for their citizens. Speakers in this session will look at how these tools are impacting the communityand providing assistance in grant programs; and discuss innovative ways to use the Flood Model for mitigation planning.

Moderator: Margaret Walton, Atkins


Technical Presenter

Nikolay Todorov, ABS Consulting
Analyzing Potential Flood Damage to North and South Dakota Communities Using a Site-Specific Hazus

Analysis and User Generated Depth Grids

Jesse Rozelle and Doug Bausch, Gene Longenecker, FEMA Region IV

Flood/Mitigation Planning

Suzanne Brunzell, Snohomish County Public Works, WA

BCA for FEMA HMA Grant Programs in Oregon Flood

Ed Whitford, Tetra Tech

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