5th Annual Hazus Conference-Land Use Planning

Aug 11, 2011

Download 5th Annual Hazus Conference-Land Use Planning

Hazus and Land Use Planning
Spend the afternoon with several land use planning experts and learn how they have applied Hazus analyses to planning purposes. One study highlights preliminary results of a project that combined design-based methods that capture social values preferences with model-based methods to analyze the risk environment over time, and to evaluate the likely consequences of policy choices. Another presentation will demonstrate how to provide a community with quantitative values via Hazus for planning purposes.

Moderator: Adam Campbell, ZAI


Extending the Capabilities of Hazus for Disaster Mitigation and Comprehensive Land Use Planning

Murray Journeay, Geological Resources, Canada

Linking Hazus-MH with the Land Use Portfolio Model to Evaluate Regional-Scale Mitigation Policies under Uncertainty

Laura Dinitz and Jeff Peters, U.S. Geological Survey

Risk MAP Early Demonstration Project (Region II)

James R. Mawby, Dewberry

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