5th Annual Hazus Conference-Where is Risk MAP now?

Aug 11, 2011

Download 5th Annual Hazus Conference-Where is Risk MAP now?

Where is Risk Map Now?

The Risk MAP program has continued to evolve over the past year. This session will examine the current status of the program, the integration of Hazus into Risk MAP and how communities are benefiting from the program. The session will also include a review of include the 2010 Average Annualized Loss study recently completed by FEMA under the Risk MAP program.

Moderator: Jamie Caplan, Jamie Caplan Consulting LLC


Update on the usage of Hazus for the Flood Risk Assessment Dataset within FEMA Risk MAP

Shane Parson, URS Corporation

Overview of the 2010 FEMA Average Annualized Loss Study

Thomas Schweitzer, Atkins

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