5th Annual Hazus Conference -The Earthquake Model

Sep 15, 2011

Download 5th Annual Hazus Conference -The Earthquake Model

Join this session to hear about five earthquake scenarios run for the Puget Sound region and the 2012 Evergreen Quake Exercise. The earthquake model was recently featured in the National Level Exercise hosted by FEMA in May 2011, which simulated a New Madrid Earthquake event. Team members from Regions IV and VIII will present the factors that went into the planning of the scenario and the results that were used. In addition, you’ll learn how Hazus was used to assist with evacuation planning efforts in California based on bridge and roadway damage estimates.

Moderator: Kevin Mickey, The Polis Center


Technical Presenter

Mourad Bouhafs, Atkins

New Madrid 2011 National Level Exercise

Doug Bausch and Jesse Rozelle, FEMA Region VIII; Eduardo Escalona and Gene Longenecker, FEMA Region IV

Hazus Analysis of a Hosgri Fault Earthquake Scenario in Support of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant Earthquake Emergency Evacuation Study

Hope Seligson, MMI Engineering

Hazus Analysis for the Evergreen Earthquake Scenario

Kelly Stone, FEMA Region X

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