Topic Specific Hazus User Group Call - November 15, 2011

Nov 17, 2011

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The USGS Western Geographic Science Center develops decision-support systems for natural-hazards issues. We will briefly discuss three topics:

The Land Use Portfolio Model (LUPM), a scenario-based risk-analysis tool developed to provide information to support decisions on investing in natural-hazard mitigation measures. Hazus damage probabilities and loss estimates are key sources of data for the LUPM calculations and critical to assessing the utility of mitigation investments.

The Hazus-MH Data Extractor (Beta v1.0), which lets users extract Hazus damage and loss-estimate data from an earthquake or flood analysis to a geodatabase for future use. We originally developed it to prepare Hazus output data for input to the LUPM, but it can be useful for a variety of purposes. (

Current research on applying these tools to analyze earthquake risk to mobile homes in southern California.

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