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Successful Launch of Hazus 3.0

Hazus 3.0 Modernization Fact Sheet (DRAFT)

Dear Hazus Community,

As part of the ongoing Hazus Modernization efforts, the Hazus team has deployed Hazus 3.0 on Monday, November 16, 2015. This release contains a number of changes to the underlying software architecture, which includes:

•      Migration of the current database structure away from the Access (.mdb) and Personal Geodatabase (pGDB) format to SQL Spatial format
•      Migration of all VB6 code in the flood model to a combination of C# and .NET
•      Support for both homogeneous and dasymetric state data, with dasymetric data now serving as the default for analysis
•      Alignment with the Benefit Cost Analysis (BCA) tool (pushed from Task 2)
•      Updated, SQL-compatible version of CDMS
•      Repair of four major defects in block-level aggregation, and the flood and hurricane models

Since this release will be a major version update for the Hazus software, users of any older Hazus versions will need to uninstall Hazus on their computers and install the new version. Users who want to know a little more about how to install or uninstall Hazus can check out the Download Tutorial and Quick Reference Guide on the FEMA Document Library and the Getting Started Guide, also available in the Document Library. Note: although the container may say 2.1 manuals, these are the most recent versions and can be used with more recent versions of Hazus.

Users wishing to preserve their study regions and transfer them to Hazus 3.0 may do so, but only if they are operating on the most recent version of Hazus (2.2 SP01). They will be able to follow the steps outlined in the Getting Started Guide to extract their study regions in Hazus 2.2 SP01 and then upload them into Hazus 3.0 once it is downloaded. Users that are operating on a version of Hazus older than 2.2 SP01 will not be able to extract their study regions and upload to Hazus 3.0 due to major underlying changes occurring in this release. For questions or issues, feel free to contact the Hazus Help Desk at

For more information about the Modernization effort, follow the Hazus program on Twitter or LinkedIn and subscribe to receive Hazus program updates, or contact the Hazus Outreach team at

Hazus Outreach Team


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