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Jeff Brislawn
Hazard Mitigation Lead/Sr Project Manager, CFM
p: 303.742.5313
e: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Casey G. Zuzak, GISP
Risk Analyst
p: 303-483-5558
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HUG Projects

HAZUS User Groups are using the HAZUS methodology in many applications within their region. If you know of a project in this region please let us know. The value of HAZUS and USEHAZUS relates directly to the amount of information we can share.

MT Earthquake Library

SLC/UT Shakeout

Denver Flood Risk Assessment

Boulder County Flood Risk Assessment

Arapahoe County Flood Risk Assessment

Wyoming State Hazard Mitigation Plan: Using FEMA Level 1 HAZUS-MH Flood Regions for State and Local Hazard Mitigation Planning

Missouri State Hazard Mitigation Plan: HAZUS-MH Flood Level II Analyses: Integrating DFIRM data for Hazard Mitigation Planning


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