Hazus 4.2 is here!

FEMA’s nationally applicable, standardized methodology that contains models for estimating potential losses from earthquakes, floods, hurricane winds, and tsunamis has been upgraded to version 4.2. Hazus 4.2 is now compatible with ArcGIS 10.5.1.

The new software can be downloaded for free from the Map Service Center (MSC) download page.
Additional enhancements and changes to the Hazus software include:
Major processing time reductions for hydrology and hydraulics within level 1 flood
Additional supported formats for level 2 flood depth grid import
High resolution ShakeMaps now compatible, with faster import times
Restoration of the Fire Following Earthquake (FFE) module
Improvements to the Comprehensive Data Management System (CDMS) for easier import of user data

Also included are numerous upgrades making Hazus easier to use for US territories and custom international applications, and the inclusion of additional historical data. These upgrades will allow Hazus users to evaluate risk and potential losses from multiple hazards faster than ever!


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