Hazus 4.2 Service Pack 2 Software Update

The Hazus Team has released the latest update to Hazus 4.2 software! This update accomplishes the following improvements: Earthquake losses support the incorporation of soil amplification with USGS probabilistic ground motions The Advanced Engineering Building Module (AEBM) processing time is substantially optimized to support large (>1,000) record sets Users can now select USGS scenario ShakeMaps directly from the hazard selection menu ShakeMap ground motion data draw faster and are mapped according to official USGS color ramps User-friendly guidance is provided for importing flood hazard data

These updates are distributed as Service Pack 2, which will automatically install on top of Hazus 4.2 for most users. If your network prevents automatic download of software updates, please visit the Hazus download page to download the update executable and to see a full list of enhancements and defect fixes. Please note: Hazus 4.2 Service Pack 1 must be installed prior to Service Pack 2.

Hazus Applied Research
The Hazus Team has been busy researching new methods for long-term improvements to Hazus risk analysis. We’re developing:
An Open Source utility that can calculate flood losses for ~10,000 structures per second using inventory and flood depth data provided by users
A whitepaper describing opportunities for the development of Hazus as an Open Source, web-based analytical toolkit
An Open Source utility that can automatically export Hazus model results as lightweight text and shapefiles and summarize these results in a PDF report with simple infographics – all in under 30 seconds


Hazus Support at hazus-support@riskmapcds.com


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