HAZUS User Groups

HAZUS User Groups (HUGs) have been in existence since 1997. These public-private partnerships between public, private, and academic organizations use HAZUS software and technology to build enhanced disaster-resistant communities and save lives, time, and dollars. USEHAZUS is happy to provide Web pages for any HAZUS User Groups interested in this free service.

HAZUS User Groups - US and International
HAZUS User Groups (HUGs), which exist throughout the country, provide resources to HAZUS users and non-users in the emergency management community. Visit one of the HUG Web pages today and begin to network with users in your region.
HAZUS User Group Resources
HAZUS User Group resources include PowerPoint presentations and other marketing materials, a how-to manual, and technical assistance provided by FEMA. Technical assistance includes outreach, strategic planning, and on-site assistance.
Hazus User Group Calls

To Participate In All Calls:

Please dial Conference number 1-302-202-1110 pin 381301 Hazus User Group calls are open to everyone and take place from 3:00 PM-4:00PM (ET) on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. To join the meeting, visit (see below the signature for specific instructions on how to use Adobe Connect): https://fema.connectsolutions.com/hazusnationalcall/
FEMA Regional HAZUS Contacts
FEMA divides the country into ten regions. Below is a list of each region with the associated HAZUS contact for the region. If you have a question about HAZUS in your region, please get in touch with your associated contact.


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