HAZUS User Group Resources

HAZUS User Group resources include PowerPoint presentations and other marketing materials, a how-to manual, and technical assistance provided by FEMA. Technical assistance includes outreach, strategic planning, and on-site assistance.

Outreach Flyers

Hazus Overview Flyer

Hazus Training Flyer

Hazus User Groups Flyer

So You Want To Use Hazus Flyer

Additional Resources


HAZUS Technical Compendium Flyer

How to Create a Hazus User Group

FEMA 404: How to Create a Hazus User Group


Risk MAP

The vision for Risk MAP is to deliver quality data that increases public awareness and leads to action that reduces risk to life and property.
Building on the success of Map Mod, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will collaborate with Federal, State and local stakeholders to achieve goals under Risk MAP:

  1. Flood Hazard Data. Address gaps in flood hazard data to form a solid foundation for risk assessment, floodplain management, and actuarial soundness of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

  2. Public Awareness/Outreach. Ensure that a measurable increase of the public’s awareness and understanding of risk results in a measurable reduction of current and future vulnerability.

  3. Hazard Mitigation Planning. Lead and support States, local, and Tribal communities to effectively engage in risk-based mitigation planning resulting in sustainable actions that reduce or eliminate risks to life and property from natural hazards.

  4. Enhanced Digital Platform. Provide an enhanced digital platform that improves management of Risk MAP, stewards information produced by Risk MAP, and improves communication and sharing of risk data and related products to all levels of government and the public.

  5. Alignment and Synergies. Align Risk Analysis programs and develop synergies to enhance decision-making capabilities through effective risk communication and management.

Risk MAP at FEMA.gov


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