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Dr. Thomas Mueller, Coordinator
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California University of Pennsylvania
250 University Avenue
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HUG Projects

HAZUS User Groups are using the HAZUS methodology in many applications within their region. If you know of a project in this region please let us know. The value of HAZUS and USEHAZUS relates directly to the amount of information we can share.

In March 2006, the 3RiversHUG became the first HAZUS User Group (HUG) to form a student chapter, which has proven to be a win-win situation for all participants. Students gained practical real-world experience, which compliments their classroom work. Meanwhile, the county government participants received improved disaster studies. The 3RiversHUG is comprised of 12 counties in western Pennsylvania. 3RiversHUG student members have worked in several of these counties.

Today the Allegheny County Emergency Services Office has a 3RiversHUG student member working to adjust their current disaster vulnerability model to include increases in population due to tourism. The current vulnerability model is based on census data which cannot account for tourism activities, such as Pittsburgh Steelers games. The student is now researching peak times and locations of business and occupancy that will become a data layer in the GIS system. The Allegheny County Emergency Services Office will then have the ability to see an increase in need for personnel and resources during peak tourist times. This information will assist with disaster planning as well as disaster response.

Another 3RiversHUG student member is working on the Emergency Response Plan for the Borough of California. The Monongahela River located in this borough floods regularly. The 3RiversHUG student member is using HAZUS to map floodplains, transportation routes, and hazardous materials sites. These maps will contribute to the formation of the Emergency Response Plan. The 3RiversHUG is an excellent example of how HAZUS User Groups function as public-private partnerships that create positive outcomes for all participants.


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